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"It's our duty to give our students all the qualifications needed in order to be ready for their entrance to the future society"

Our school was founded tin 1986 after many efforts of the local society and great help from the teachers of Platanias primary school. At first it was roofed with Platanias Primary school and later it was transferred to the Community Headquarters. Finally, in 1993 it was installed in a new building and has been independent ever since.

The new building consists of six classrooms, a Physics-Chemistry lab, a Commuter Lab as well as Basketball and Volleyball courts and an outdoor space for ceremonies and celebrations. It is worth saying that tow more classrooms are going to be built and an indoor celebration room as well.

Every year with each group of teachers we aim for the best education and knowledge of our students organising ceremonies, participating in educational programmes with other schools, enriching our school library with new publications and buying equipment for the labs and teaching materials for the teachers.

The local community and the parent's Association always support our efforts.

Part of this effort is this Web site witch will constantly be renewed giving more and more informationís to everyone who might be interested.

Constantinos Verganelakis
Platanias junior High School Headmaster

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Last Modified : 4 July 1999